DLPTF members can access dedicated funding

The DLPTF has secured funding for its members and has been designated the lead management agency for the following programmes:

  • £1250 (inclusive VAT) per company for any type of training - DLPTF
  • OSAT Training (e.g. S/NVQ Level 2 on site assessment)- CITB £400
  • Specialist Up Skilling Programme, SUPS Level 2 - CITB £2525
  • Apprenticeships - To be confirmed depending on the trade specialist apprentices via FIS and traditional apprentices via CITB, apprentices must be registered with CITB.

Government funding could also be available for apprentices in addition to the above

Submitting a training plan (this can include all PAYE and LOSC who are on the levy return) - currently £50 per day per person. (1 day = 6 hours) maximum plan = 5 days per person

Other CITB grants as outlined on for technical and professional, CPCS, construction related work experience etc.

Please note to be eligible for grant payments from CITB the Companies levy return must have been submitted and payments up to date. * Some of the funding figures may be different at time of application. *

CITB Grants

The CITB Grants Scheme is in place to support all our registered employers to train their staff.

This ensures that the appropriate skills are available to upskill workers and allow the industry to prosper, whilst maintaining the essentials, such as high Health and Safety standards on site.

CITB grants ensure the long term growth and development of the industry, by contributing towards the costs of training, recognised qualifications and development.

Our ambition is for the sector to become world class - to be one of the most highly skilled, productive, safe and sustainable industries in the world. To do this we work hard to:

  • reduce skills shortages
  • improve business performance
  • bring a diverse range of people to the industry
  • improve learning for Apprenticeships, higher and further education
  • develop professional occupational standards

What grants are available

The CITB offer grants to support a wide range of training and qualifications, from CITB Apprenticeship support to management and supervisory qualifications, and other grants that help develop the whole of your business.

How to get your grants

  • you can claim grants once you have attended a training course or completed a qualification between 1 August 2015 and 31 July 2016
  • for training such as Construction Plant Competency Scheme (CPCS) or Site Safety Plus courses, you could automatically be sent a claim form by us
  • for other training, or if you do not receive your form within three months of completing training, you can download the claim form above
  • to keep it simple we have one form to claim for all attendance and achievement grants. Fill in the information such as your company name, title of the training course and training provider
  • e-mail your completed form to by 31 October 2016

CITB - Company Development Advisers

The CITB has national network of  Company Development Advisers (CDAs) who can call or visit you to offer tailored advice about grants and training to support the whole of your business.


Working together with the CITB and Levy paying DLPTF members our aim to increase understanding of the complete Levy and Grant structure. By increasing knowledge amongst both existing and prospective members of the DLPTF we aim to improve the reach and range of both DLPTF and CITB based learning options and thereby improve skill and learning across the specialist sector.

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Levy Calculator

The Levy Calculation tool is an easy to use (excel based), that provides you with an instant means to assess your likely Levy contribution. It could not be simpler.

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