Here are the most frequently questions we are asked.  If the question is not answered please do not hesitate to contact us at            a.partington@dlptf.org


  1. How much is it to join as a full member of the Dry Lining and Plastering Forum?

Ans. Just £100 irrespective of company size

Here is the link for further details - http://www.dlptf.org/membership/


  1. Do I need to be CITB Registered?

Ans.  Yes

Follow the link for further detailshttp://www.citb.co.uk/levy-grant/register/


  1. What are the benefits of joining the DLPTF?

Ans. Access to a National Training Officer with direct access to budgets to support your training.

Providing liaison between CITB and our members to ensure that the Levy is maximised. In addition we manage and organise fully funded training to meet members needs.

We can assist you with consultancy support and funding as well as provide a strong independent voice promoting the standards of our membership.


  1. Can Training Providers, Manufacturers and Suppliers join the DLPTF  ?

Ans. Yes. Members are welcome from all areas with a vested interest in the sector.


  1. How do I claim DLPTF funding for a course as a member.

Ans. The procedure is simple.  Just contact our offices by e-mail with the course date, attendees and cost and we will respond with approval within 24 hours.  You can claim up to £1250 per company, however there is an administration charge of £25 per delegate.